IdeaGems debuted in 2005 with its magazines devoted to publishing the imaginative works of neophyte writers and artists, many of which have moved on to creative careers. After a nine-year run, we regretfully had to discontinue our literary publications.

In 2008, we entered the world of video and Web production in collaboration with various film-making companies. This too has proved a daunting task, but founder Laurie E. Notch is determined to revive the spirit of IdeaGems with intriguing and engaging projects from short documentaries to narratives for screen and stage.

Currently, we are conducting a documentary project, The ParaNorm, exploring the lives of paranormal investigators. What makes them tick? What drives them to explore the unseen and unknown? So much is shown about ghosts, but little is known about the ghost chasers.

We invite people who have experienced inexplicable encounters and/or are in the field of paranormal investigation to contact us at or


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Updated: 03-24-2020

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